Book Review: The Beauty Detox Solution

One of my great pleasures in life is to read. One of my favourite kinds of book are those on nutrition. I love cramming my head full of juicy ideas and information! My all time favourite conquest is Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution. I happened upon it by chance during my nutrition degree when one of my lovely fellow nutrition students pointed it out to me on a popular wellness blogger’s ‘must read’ list. I was intrigued and made haste (read: right then and there in my biochemistry class) to buy a digital copy. I powered through it the first time and keep on going back, which is an obvious sign of how much I love this book!

I must admit, the title was initially off-putting for me, as I think in our current world the word “detox” has become a bit of a fad word and often (unfortunately) bears connotations to a quick-fix diet rather than a way of engaging in ongoing cleansing through a healthy lifestyle (which is the way it should be). I was thrilled to find that in fact Kimberly shares my perspective to a tee. The Beauty Detox Solution is a plan for life in which “detox” must be viewed as a verb, not a noun. It is based on many sound principles that I strongly agree with and I really enjoyed reading these through Kimberly’s clear and passionate writing style.

According to the book, the aim of the game is to free up our “Beauty Energy” by making digestion and assimilation of nutrients as quick and smooth a process as possible. This way the energy we save can instead be used by our body for many other important functions, ultimately resulting in optimum health which beautifies us from the inside out. Yes, when we are clean and happy internally this will reflect by allowing us to become our most beautiful: shiny hair, strong nails, clear skin, ideal weight, fast healing.

Oh, by the way, Kimberly just happens to be drop dead gorgeous – the very personification of the message in her book. Coincidence? I think not. In this case, the proof is in the… green smoothie!

Now there is a woman with the glow if ever I saw one! I love how Kimberly sets the perfect example of how high raw, plant based diet, like the one in The Beauty Detox Solution, paves the way for health, beauty and happiness. Indeed, Kimberly reveals that she personally does not consume any animal products, save for the occassional local raw honey. You certainly don’t need meat or dairy to thrive. However, Kimberly’s “Beauty Plan” is very flexible – you don’t have to cut out animal products if you really don’t want to. Instead you will limit them and learn how to eat them correctly whilst loading up on plenty of fresh raw fruit and vegetables.  I think it’s great that she provides options which make the plan highly accessible to everyone. To put a case in point, the book is filled with true stories of her clients and how various changes were able to drastically improve their health, such as swapping their old breakfast for a daily green smoothie.

So let’s get down to the nutritional nitty-gritty, which I’m sure is what you’re all waiting for, right?

Here are some of the main concepts that The Beauty Detox Solution involves, which Kimberly educates the reader about in an intelligent and down-to-earth manner:

  • The way we are naturally supposed to eat: plant based diet high in raw fruit and vegetables. Fun fact: the strongest animal on earth, pound for pound, is the gorilla who is a natural vegetarian and gets heaps of protein from plants!
  • The importance of having an alkaline body.
  • Why we need to be continuously detoxing – the wheel won’t run smoothly if it’s clogged with sludge.
  • “Beauty Food Pairing” which correlates to what many of us may have heard about in the form of food combining principles. Basically, why certain foods should only be eaten in certain combinations, what foods these are and how to implement proper combinations of fruits, vegetables, proteins, starches and fats in your diet.
  • Eating light to heavy to allow the body to remain in a state of cleansing, healing and replenishing for as long as possible. This will certainly challenge those who believe we need a solid and hearty breakfast to start the day.
  • How to avoid digestive “traffic jams.”
  • The importance of enzymes and minerals. Hello raw food!
  • But cooked food still has a place – Kimberly discusses this. Options for those who wish to remain eating some animal protein too.
  • The power of PLANT protein! (Remember how our Gorilla friend thrives?!)
  • Important supplements: probiotics, digestive enzymes, magnesium-oxygen.
  • Cleansing and getting a bit of extra help along the way (colonics and enemas, gasp!)
  • “Beauty Phases” – there are three different phases that Kimberly presents, “Blossoming Beauty,” “Radiant Beauty,” and “True Beauty,” complete with an outline and sample one-week menu. Each phase moves to a higher level of ongoing detoxification, however the plan does not require you to move “up” the phases as they are all greatly beneficial for one’s health. Instead it is emphasised to find the one that suits you best and stick with what your body and mind are telling you.
  • Recipes – a wide variety of simple, easy, delicious and super healthy staples and meals, including her famous “Glowing Green Smoothie.” Largely raw with the inclusion of some healthy cooked starches.

As you can see, there’s a lot of great stuff packed into the book. I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in holistic nutrition and healing. One of the lines which stood out to me whilst reading it was, “We must respect how incredibly powerful our bodies are. Our body has the ability to heal itself, and it will achieve its highest potential if we clear the way for it to do so.” This is what is often lacking in the traditional Western medicine approach, which routinely masks the symptoms rather than removing the root. For any deep healing to occur we need to focus on creating the optimum environment in which the energy in our amazing bodies is freed up so we can mend ourselves to the point of total rejuvenation.

I also really appreciate that Kimberly invokes a holistic approach throughout her book: “The mind and the body are intrinsically connected, and the food we eat has a direct impact on our minds.” I have experienced this very strongly first-hand in my own health journey. I think it is vital that any nutritional strategy recognises the inextricable link between the physical, mental and spiritual self.

I certainly found that The Beauty Detox Solution resonated with much of what I already believe and know to be true for myself and I also learned plenty of delicious new information. I will definitely be applying some of this new knowledge to my own diet. [Image Credit here]

Lolita Walters

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