Loca Luna: Jewellery Inspired by the Moon

There was a reason that she was so romantic about the moon. It never asked her questions or begged for the answers nor did she ever have to prove herself to it. It was always just there- breathing, shining, and in ways most humans can’t understand: listening.


Recently I was lucky enough to work with the incredible Loca Luna Bali as the face of their debut jewellery line, inspired by the powerful feminine allure of the moon.

Every piece is handcrafted in Bali by a beautiful team of jewellers using sterling silver and gold-plating and incorporates ethically sourced stones.



I personally adore the moon, so I felt a real affinity to these pieces. The moon has such a mysterious and powerful presence in the sky that has always fascinated me. It is magnetic and majestic, old and new.



Photography: Carlos Walters

Lolita Walters

Lolita is a lover of words and the world. With a self-confessed case of wanderlust, passion for writing and addiction to all things fashion and wellness, you will often find her adventuring around the globe. Since quitting her office job, Lolita has chased summer for the past three years, working as a professional lifestyle writer and sometimes model, based out of Bali. If she's not reading, writing or blending up a matcha green smoothie, you'll find her at the beach or dancing the night away.