Return to Rio: A Festival Wonderland

Would you like to get lost in a riverside wonderland of lush grass spotted with purple Jacaranda tress, when costumes rule and sweet music abounds? Welcome to Return to Rio festival, a boutique celebration of music and culture, nestled on the banks of the picturesque Hawksbury River at Wiseman’s Ferry.



Despite being only an hour drive from Sydney, once you take the ferry across the water and arrive on the other side (where the grass really is greener!) you will feel a million miles away from the city.



This year the star guest was DJ Carl Cox, who treated the crowds to a stellar 10 hour set throughout which the dance floor was am endless sea of grooving party goers, adorned in everything from face paint and glitter, to vines and fairy lights.


The rumble of festival fever was endless, perpetuated by the ever-present thud of campsite sound systems keeping the music flowing wherever you cared to wander. Pre-parties and after-parties ended up blending into one and you had the sense you were in a loop of liveliness and fun.


The crowd drawn to Return to Rio was full of incredible people who were all united on the simple mission to enjoy themselves in good spirits. Many laughs were shared, many chance rendezvous became festival partnerships and surely everyone who attended returned home with new friends for life, as well as tired legs and a full heart.


I will definitely be returning to Rio next year!

Lolita Walters

Lolita is a lover of words and the world. With a self-confessed case of wanderlust, passion for writing and addiction to all things fashion and wellness, you will often find her adventuring around the globe. Since quitting her office job, Lolita has chased summer for the past three years, working as a professional lifestyle writer and sometimes model, based out of Bali. If she's not reading, writing or blending up a matcha green smoothie, you'll find her at the beach or dancing the night away.